Thermal Proofing System
We have the thermal proofing of different companies including ChemaFoam Co., and Modern Building Chemicals Co. This system includes different thicknesses in the form of boards, well known as extruded foam boards and blue and white injections formed foam boards. Such boards are installed directly on the water proofing of roofs of the houses and factories which are protected by polyethylene or cardboard sheets.

Marmox Board
When building or renovating your home the use of tiles, marble or mosaic provides it with a personal touch, adding to its beauty. Much attention is paid to a careful choice of colors, dimensions and the installation itself. However, all those efforts could prove in vain if stress from outside (such as temperature changes, sun, frost, moisture or mechanical stress) cause the delimitation of the tile adhesive, destroying the sub construction. “It’s what’s underneath those counts.” Being strong, Heat insulating and light, Marmox Board can be used as a structural element in the floor or wall, so why use a weaker product with inferior characteristics and take the risk of failure and its related remedial costs? You can use Marmox Board for all types of interior and exterior applications

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